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I wish I could be a professional, full-time, I-can-pay-the-bills-doing-this writer. I have always loved to write. Whether it be about real life or stories I create in my own world, writing has always been a priority for me.

Since I can't bring home the bacon writing best-sellers, I make do here.

I was born and raised in Maine before moving to Utah in my teens. During my family's time in Utah, my parents split and the family headed east again to start over. It was a rough time for me, and I immediately returned to Utah for college as soon as I graduated from High School. Fortunately, I'd kept in touch with friends during my time away and slipped right back into where I felt I belonged.

Kev and I met through some amazing mutual friends in 2005, and I literally fell for him while hiking Waterfall Canyon in Ogden. Six months after that hike, he proposed to me on that same trail and we were married another six months after that, in June 2006.

I adopted our Maddie-dog the following summer, and graduated from Weber State. My first big-girl job with the University made me want to run away from adult-hood screaming, but since it afforded us a free place to live with lots of other perks for poor newly-weds like us, I stuck it out.

In 2008 I finally left my college stomping grounds when Kev bought us our little Pink House in Ogden. Oh how I loved our PH. I also got a new job in 2009 in real estate, which kept the screaming at a minimum.

Kev and I welcomed Aspen in 2010, and her brother Lincoln in 2014. I used to teach Pilates and Yoga in Ogden, but we moved twice in one year for Kev's job, so I've had an unplanned break from instructing. We did a 9-month stint in West Jordan and then we were so lucky to find a wonderful house in a wonderful neighborhood in south Salt Lake. It's been a huge challenge to live somewhere new after 10 years in Ogden, but since moving to to our Lucky House things are looking up.

I take the kids to work with me a couple of times a week at a local daycare, and I also work for the blog 'Or so she says...' as a contributor/advertising manager (I organize the posts written by other bloggers, and I also write sponsored content for the blog). As of Fall 2016, I've also gone back to school at a local community college to earn my Registered Yoga Training (RYT) certificate. It's been an amazing experience so far and I enjoy the courses I'm taking. I look forward to completing it in the spring and hopefully transitioning from daycare to yoga instruction soon after.

Thanks for joining me on this great adventure.


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  1. I think you're a doll! I'm enjoying your blog. In fact, I'm mentioning you in a blog post scheduled to run on Monday. XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings


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