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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Now I understand why people layer rugs over carpet.

Kev spent last weekend working in the Pink House and I had him bring back a Tercel-full of things for the WJ house.

Namely, I needed a rug to cover as much floor space as possible in Aspen's room. Yes, I just bought one from IKEA and could have gotten her one there, but why do that when I had a perfectly good, free rug in the basement of the PH?

This checkered rug was actually 100% free, and not just because I already had it. Many years ago I worked for WSU Housing, and they used to have show rooms for tours. When occupancy got too high to allow for an empty room to be decorated for the sole purpose of showing it off, all the merchandise (provided by Bed, Bath & Beyond) was up for grabs. I got A LOT of stuff. Like an iron I almost never use. And this rug.

It fills the space in Aspen's room really well. I shampooed her carpet first, and when it was dry laid this sucker right on top. Last week I also put Aspen's pompoms back up, which seriously put her mind at ease. Every day she'd ask where her stupid pompoms were. Well, they were in a box, and the thumb tacks I use to pin them up were somewhere in another box. So it took some time to get 'er done.

With the exception of hanging a real curtain over the blinds, Aspen's room is done. Now I need to move on to the next project. Which might be shampooing the downstairs carpets just one more time. Every day. For the rest of my lease.

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  1. I have a big rug layered over carpet in my front room. I desperately want one for my basement, too. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do when the carpet did start out as yours.


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