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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Random Recipe

no-knead whole wheat bread, easy wheat bread recipe,
I've been trying to stay busy and productive to keep my mind off the fact that I'm still pregnant (and full of a lot of rage about that, apparently) so I've been cooking a lot. Maria shared this No-Knead bread recipe on 'Or so she says...' recently and I decided to have a go.

I do purhcase only wheat bread for our family, but when I make bread from scratch it's always my favorite, easy, white-flour crockpot bread. This recipe was super-easy, but the ratio of wheat-to-white flour was a bit too much. Next time I'll use more white than wheat and see if that tastes a bit better to us. I'm sure I can gradually adjust it over time until we're all more used to the wheat!

I loved the simplicity of this, and it was actually really delicious with some jam on it. Aspen didn't seem to mind at all that it was super-wheaty, and she ate a few big slices completely plain. Works for me!

I baked it while I was getting ready for church, so I didn't watch it closely after taking the lid off the casserole dish for the final minutes. Next time I won't let it go a full, additional 15 minutes; 10 should be plenty. I don't mind a crusty crust, but if I want Aspen to eat it I need to make it a little softer.

Check out the recipe on 'Or so she says...' HERE.

Pssst... I've been scheduling posts in advance the last couple of weeks, so for real-time baby updates (IF THERE EVER ARE ANY), check out my Instagram. I'm officially "due" today but yeah... we'll see.

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  1. That looks delicious. Baby GET HERE! But I don't do Instagram so post a pic. on Facebook too! :) Best of luck!!!!


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