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Monday, November 03, 2008

Promoting, Securing, Preserving

Kev works for an amazing non-profit organization headed by Jeff Lowe. Due to Ogden Climbing Park's non-profit status, it is currently in need of donations to continue providing its services to the community.

I am truly amazed by what OCP does. It hosted a fantastic film festival and set up shop at many farmer's markets in Ogden this summer. They also bring climbing to gym classes in Ogden City schools. Much better than running the 8-minute mile!! Additionally, OCP has worked with PARC to provide climbing programs to disabled adults in Davis County.

The time has come for OCP to solicit donations in order for their great work to continue. The following is a letter from Jeff to let the community know what OCP is all about, and what they hope to continue doing in the future. Please, if you can, support OCP and make a donation. There is a link on the Ogden Climbing Park's website that will allow you to donate directly.

Dear Friends,

I love the mountains, the outdoors, and climbing. Though I’m not able to climb anymore because of multiple sclerosis, my life work is now to share my passion with others through Ogden Climbing Parks. Ogden Climbing Parks is a young organization that needs your help, and I hope you will consider making a tax-deductible donation.

Donations are needed to help us with ongoing expenses. We provide climbing instruction and opportunities to school children, inner city youth, and people with disabilities. Our climbing wall and certified guides provide life-changing experiences to people that never would have had this kind of opportunity otherwise. We’re proud of our achievements in 2008.
  • Climbing programs for inner city schools, at-risk youth, and people with disabilities. Studies have shown that climbing can provide significant health benefits along with being able to improve concentration, self-confidence and environmental awareness. Utah’s high number of autistic children, under-privileged kids, as well as all others, can greatly benefit from the experiences we offer.
  • Purchased a portable climbing wall that allows us to host our climbing programs anywhere we are needed.
  • Training AMGA certified guides, with additional guides going through the process. Certified guides are needed to provide quality instruction and a safe climbing environment through professionalism by adhering to the high standards of the American Mountain Guides Association.
  • The first outdoor climbing demos and instruction for the Fall Outdoor Retailer Show attendees.
  • ClimbFest – A climbing art, literature and environment festival that introduces the many aspects of climbing to the community, including bouldering demonstrations with North America’s finest mountain athletes.
  • Utah’s High Adventure Mountain Film Festival – 4 days of adventure films, panel discussions, and rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s great climbers and adventure sports filmmakers.
  • Identifying and acquiring access to great local climbing areas, both privately and publicly owned.
  • Building a core of dedicated volunteers to help us in all we do.
  • Ogden’s Ice Tower. We are continuing our work with Ogden City and RAMP, to erect the first ever year-round ice climbing facility in downtown Ogden.
We hope to build on these successes for the coming year but need the financial support of the community. Please consider donating today and know that your contribution will be used wisely. Help us bring the joy of climbing, appreciation of the mountains, and a healthy outdoor lifestyle to our community. Donations can be made on our website or sent to our office at 195 25th Street, Suite 301, Ogden, UT 84401.

Best regards,

Jeff Lowe Executive Director

Ogden Climbing Parks is dedicated to "Promoting the joy of climbing, securing access and preserving the crags." Their mission is an important one, and I would hate to see the organization fold due to lack of funds. Please do what you can to help and pass the information along to anyone you know who may be able to contribute to a wonderful cause.

Jeff cares about this so much, and Kev has grown to love it as well. Even if you're not interested in climbing yourself, at least donate so that these men can continue to share what they love with the community. It gives them direction and a sense of purpose. They hope that their work will bring something meaningful to the public and help them develop a passion for it as well.

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