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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Delight in Target and BB&B

This "College" ottoman is my cheap alternative to the ottoman I'm still coveting from Target (see below). If I bought two of these, it would probably be sufficient for storing the blankets in the front room, and maybe I could cram the two pillows (which are always floating around the room) inside when not in use.

This piece is what I really love. It's faux leather, which will add another textural demension to my living room. It's also a bench, which will contrast nicely next to the two LACK tables functioning as a coffee table in front of the couch. I don't necessarily want to repeat the pattern of the two tables with two small ottomans next to them. This continuous line would look fantastic under the window.

I know the point is that these ottomans nest, but I would prefer if I could just get two faux-leather ottomans of the same size for the price of these. Regardless, good storage. Nice lines.

I don't know why you'd need a more expensive version of the aforementioned Target bench, but here it is anyway. The reviews for the Target bench were almost all positive, with the exception of a few lemons here and there with poor construction. So... maybe the BB&B bench will offer less stray staples and errant folds of fabric.

Whichever way you vote, just don't tell me you support the Target bench. I will cry with frustration because it won't be finding its way into my living room any time soon. Unless Maddie gets a job (lazy bum, she could be working instead of sleeping all day!).


  1. My vote is for the BB&B bench and use a 20 percent off coupon so it will be even cheaper than the target one you really want. Do you get coupons in the mail for them? If not, you HAVE to sign up for them. Best wishes in the ottoman hunting. (I want one too, but for now its a no money, no go situation)

  2. the large ottomon from BB&B is cute, we have one that is like it from Target. its like the one you like from target, but the smaller halfsy version. i wish i was a millionaire and i would buy you all of these. good luck.

  3. Coupons are such a good idea! I just signed up and got one in my email. SWEET. Maybe I can use my Pilates $ to splurge soon :)


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