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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dream Weaver

I made the mistake of looking at

I accidentally looked at vacation packages to San Francisco.

Right now, a 5-night stay in a three-star hotel is running around $300 per person in February. If we wanted to spend a little bit more pretend-money, we could stay at the same hotel in which we honeymooned for $555 per person. If I finagle the dates a bit, I can get it to drop to $444 per person. For that price, I got ONE ticket to freezing cold Maine this winter. The thought that I could go to San Fran AND pay for a hotel for the same price just kills me!!

Oh how I wish Kev and I could go.

(The best part = the Hilton in the Financial District allows pets! So does Hotel Nikko, which is a place Kev and I want to stay some day.)

Or I could just bag San Fran altogether and stay 3 nights in the Stratosphere Casino in Vegas for $247 per person.

Must. Stop. Now.

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