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Friday, January 09, 2009

IKEA, an Unforgotten Love

You probably thought I'd grown out of my IKEA obsession.

You thought wrong. And in my boredom this evening, I will provide you with so much useless information in multiple posts that even you'll wish that I had something to do on a Friday night!

I'm still cooking up ideas for improving the house. Kev just organized the top of his dresser recently, and it made me yearn for a cohesive space on that side of the room so his things could stay organized. The poor man has a habit of just dropping his wallet/phone/change/receipt/mp3 player/pocket knife/dog on the top of the dresser when he walks into the room. The only problem with that is he soon runs out of space and allows his things to take up residence on the neighboring dresser. Which is mine.

Another thing that bothers me about this is the height difference between the two dressers. As things slowly shift to the top of my dresser, Kev finds that much to his delight, he can stack things pretty high and they will safely lean up against the side of his dresser quite nicely.

I get anxious just thinking about the leaning pile of crap-o-la.

My proposed solution? Save up $300 and buy this:

The bad news- it's $300 retail. The good news- I usually see at least one of these in the As-Is section every time I go to IKEA. I'd prefer the black/brown since the other dresser and nightstands are red, and I hope to get a black/brown bedframe someday... so here's to hoping a match shows up in the As-Is by the time I've put aside some moola for it.

The width of this dresser would allow me to get bowls or small dishes on which Kev could place his belongings. A long while ago I got some Asian-style snack plates and bowls from Alissa, and I've recently put one plate to use by the front door for my keys and cell phone. I'm telling you, it's like a miracle. I no longer search frantically for my keys each morning! I know exactly where they are!

The drawer capacity is sufficient for both of us to store clothes as well. Actually, maybe not at the moment, but I hope that by the time I've saved up money to purchase this dresser the closets will be done too.

I think I might need a miracle.


  1. I have seen that exact dresser, and I want it. There's also one the same style that's taller, which would work better for the hubby. I keep telling myself whenever we're living somewhere more permanent I'm going to get one. ... That will be the day.

  2. The Hemnes stuff is just so pretty. And manly, of course. The first of those dressers that I bought stayed in the basement storage of my old apartment for months before I moved into the PH and could actually use it.

    That was a happy day.

  3. That's the same dresser I've been eyeing too. I have a dream that someday we will graduate from the mismatched natural pine hand-me-downs that are scattered around our bedroom. I'm really not sure why I consider IKEA furniture to be an upgrade, but I do. Ah . . . someday. Till then I'll just sigh quietly to myself as I wander around IKEA once a month.

  4. hey, we have that dresser!! its cute! the inside is like yellow striped too and its cute. very sturdy, with deep drawers. i would definitely recommend it!!


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