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Thursday, January 29, 2009


No offense to the PH or anything, but I'd like to move. I'm positively killing myself by looking at jobs in Salt Lake county. There are so many more than Weber county!! Ugh.

So... Um... Since I don't want to commute from Ogden to SLC (gag) I think I'm going to consider moving. And by "I" I mean "Kev and I" because I'm not moving without him. Or Maddie.

Would anyone like to buy a house without closets? C'mon... I did it! So can you!

I talked with Seth today and he's pretty enthusiastic about me and Kev moving closer to him. What more encouragement do I need? In all seriousness though, Kev and I both feel there aren't any opportunities keeping us in Ogden, so it may be time to kick it in high gear and learn how to finish those closets ourselves. Then we can sell the PH and get outta this super stagnant job market. Besides, if Kev can't find work in the next couple of months, we'd have to sell the house anyway. I can't afford all the bills on my salary alone, so it would only be a matter of time before we'd have to give up the luxury of home ownership and rent a dive somewhere.

For reals, why didn't anyone warn me that growing up is not exactly fun? I did not envision myself in situations like this when I dreamt of graduating from college and working full-time. I thought those things were supposed to be rewards, not the final nails in my coffin.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have the super-fun task of turning over some accounts to collections and awaiting phone calls from enraged parents and students.



  1. Liv - good luck with everything - it sucks that ogden is so stagnant. There have been so many layoffs. I am so glad though that you have your degree, that'll put you at such a huge advantage over others in similar boats. But still, I'm so sorry :( Let me know if I can do anything.

  2. I'm actually finding that people don't want to hire me BECAUSE of my degree. Right now it's the problem of being over-qualified in a market that can't guarantee any advancement at this point.

    It's like a lose-lose situation for the time being.

  3. that sucks. i'm sure it's mostly ogden. i never understood that rationalization.


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