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Friday, January 20, 2012

We're nothing if not classy.

Thanks to the great windstorm of 2011, the Pink House is getting a brand-spanking-new roof. When the insurance appraiser came to see our house, he was like, um yeah. They stopped making these shingles during the war.

So, thank you insurance company. We're looking forward to being done with this project like you wouldn't believe.

After the first day of roof demo, Craig's team of workers had made a hefty pile of debris surrounding the house. This is the view out the back door... so Maddie had to pee in the front yard like a true white trash pet.

All the old shingles were cleaned up as of Sunday night, so we just have this gorgeous industrial addition to the front of the house for now. Once the wet weather subsides, work will resume and the shingles will be cut and affixed like a shiny new hat for our home.

And since Kev has been able to do some of the work with Craig, he's actually making a little money that we can put toward the deductible. That makes the hefty sum a little easier to swallow.

Yea for a new roof!


  1. Wow I didnt realize the windstorm took a tool on your roof. Thats nice you are getting a new one though & that Kevin is making some extra money to go towards the deductible.

  2. I didn't Kevin was getting paid for that. Nice! That is awesome.


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