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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Penny for your thoughts, month 20

Little Penny-

I no longer have to roll your pants up to prevent them from dragging on the floor. I no longer have to wash your bum for you in the tub (you do such a good job yourself now). I no longer have to guess what you want because you talk. so. much.

We visited with Yao this week and you constantly jabbered the whole time. When you stopped to take a breath, Yao said "you talk a lot." I'm sure that's not the last time you'll hear that statement in your life.

Having an-almost-two-year-old is awesome. Now that we have figured out that you'd like to nap every day at 2pm after 10 books and 10 songs, we're good. I wish I'd figured that out sooner.

You love unconditionally, you giggle like a maniac, you have your favorite shows, songs, books and foods (they change every week). You get through 3 hours of church almost every week without meltdowns. You ask for Seth, JuJu and Lani all the time. Every brown dog we see is Samson. I'm amazed at all you know and remember.

Lately you've been yelling "Mama, where are you?!" and it's so cute (you yell it for anyone who leaves the room). I love that you're learning language and attempting sentences and exploring the world around you. Daddy has been teaching you to count and it's crazy!! How can you count to ten?! Sure, you leave out #2 a lot, but who needs two when you can go right to three?

I never realized how smart kids can get so quickly. Like, how can kids your age be potty trained and asking for certain friends/things, and singing songs and counting? Aren't you too little? Speaking of potty training... maybe we should try that for reals? I know you screamed bloody murder last time I put you on the potty, but maybe you're over that by now? Maybe? I have candy!

Oh Aspen, my Aspen. Your hugs, kisses and snuggles help us forget the little trials that come with raising a person. We love you so much, and we're so glad you've come.



  1. She is so cute. She is at the fun age. I am loving having a two year old and my little Bodester. It is so fun watching them learn and grow and develop into their personalities.

  2. i love that i don't have to guess anymore either. seriously. so. awesome. except when anna thinks that just because she asks for something means that she'll get cream...please? yeah yeah? its been fun following your blog for almost 2 years.....maybe someday we will live in the same state and can get our girls together (:


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