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Monday, September 10, 2012

Brought to you by...

Right before Aspen's birthday at the end of July, Kev and I hit up DI for lots and lots and lots of books. I was thrilled to find an entire collection of Sesame Street books that I remember from my own childhood. They're in fantastic condition, and only faintly could I smell someone's attic when I opened a volume.

Aspen really loves these books, which is surprising. They're a little disjointed when it comes to a storyline and instead are like magazines; they feature snippets of continuing stories, they offer up some of Cookie Monster's recipes, and they also just have photographs of muppets. Regardless of the intended audience, a faithful reader has been found in Aspen.

Each copy was only 50 cents, so I'm extremely thankful I found them at DI. It's so nice to grow a library without spending a lot of money.


  1. Awesome. I love finding stuff like that at thrift stores! One of my favorite parts of having a kid is getting to share toys from my childhood with him. I'm so glad my mom saved all my (and my older siblings) toys that were still playable. Note to self... save toys for my kids to pass down to their kids. :)

  2. What a great find! I've been showly accumulating this one set of Disney books from Savers & DI. Now i have this big old rainbow group of them & I love it!


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