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Friday, October 12, 2012

PH Friday - the last one

I had unsuccessfully been trying to clean the Pink House for a week. I would drive an hour up to Ogden, leave Aspen with a friend for about an hour, and then I would turn around and drive an hour back to West Jordan. It was extremely unproductive. I felt like I was wasting my time and money trying to get it done like that.
So I took a deep breath and called my older brother, Seth, to ask him a huge favor. I knew I needed someone in Salt Lake County to keep tabs on Aspen so I could devote an entire day to cleaning and helping Kev clear out the PH once and for all.
I needn't have worried, though, because Seth immediately agreed to take Aspen all day Sunday so both Kev and I could be in Ogden without trying to juggle her schedule with our tasks. He came over in the morning and thus began an extremely long day of cleaning, organizing, packing and exhaustion for us.
I got the whole house cleaned though, and even managed to listen to a lot of General Conference. Paul swept the entire cellar (it looks amazing now) and Emilie vacuumed for me. I was able to pull some weeds and tidy up the flower beds as well as stage the house the best I could for showing.
It is a huge relief to know that Kev will NEVER AGAIN spend a weekend sleeping on the floor of the PH. He will be ours again!

I had to leave around 630p to get back to Aspen, and I knew Kev was feeling stressed being left by himself to finish loading the trailer. He had spent the day clearing out odds and ends from both the cellar and the basement (it's amazing how that crap just piles up, isn't it?). So before hitting the road, I sent out a plea on Facebook to anyone in the Ogden area who could show up at our Pink House and surprise Kev with even just an hour of help. I don't have a smart phone, so I don't have Internet access unless I'm at home on the computer. I didn't know if anyone would just show up, or if they'd make comments on my FB that I wouldn't see until an hour later at home.

Thankfully, our amazing friend Christie (who helped us unload our moving truck in West Jordan) was in Ogden and she texted me to ask if Kev still needed help. She took both her husband and her brother over to the PH and gave Kev just the boost he needed to finish up and head home by 9pm. I was so grateful because it meant Kev got back to West Jordan before it was ridiculously late and we were able to unload the trailer into our rental that much sooner.
When I got home with my carload of stuff, I walked in the door to Aspen and Seth watching a movie together. When Aspen saw me, she yelled, "NO MOMMY GO AWAY!" I took that as an indication that Uncle Seth was basically the best babysitter ever. They spent their day collecting things in the backyard, taking a walk, playing at the park, eating lots of yummy food, playing with Samson, watching shows and... swinging around the living room in a big, red bag (seriously). It was wonderful not to worry about Aspen for one nanosecond while she was with Seth.

Now that we're officially done, it so hard to say goodbye to that PH for real. Going into Aspen's room is the worst. I feel so sad leaving it behind. But the house looks beautiful, and I will pray and hope that someone lovely will buy it and make new memories there.

That being said... if you or someone you know is looking for a 2 bedroom, 1 bath home in Ogden let me know!


  1. how exciting, everything looks great!

  2. It looks so great! I am feeling sad that it is for reals now, but I am so happy that Kev is no longer spending his free time up here, instead of with you two. I wish we could have helped Sunday night. I had a big family thing that day in Bountiful. We are really going to miss you guys

  3. it looks so awesome!!! what a relief. hope it sells for you in a flash.


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