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Thursday, April 04, 2013

It's your lucky day - Aspen's room

Aspen's room was my first priority after we got everything into the house. While the boys did the second load from WJ to the Lucky House, I spent some time getting the essentials ready for her return from Seth's-magical-day-of-fun.

Her crib got packed in the storage room downstairs and we set up a twin for her. I'm tired of cramming into her crib while reading books or cuddling, so I decided to upgrade her. She doesn't yet have a headboard, but I'm so psyched to be able to fit on her bed with her now. And Maddie loves it, too. She used to refuse to lay down on Aspen's crib, but she loooves the twin.

I still have to organize Aspen's closet and get her decor up, but for the most part she's done. However, if I'm stressing about another room in the house (can we say KITCHEN?) I go back to Aspen's room and unpack another box just for fun.

When we get our deposit back from the WJ rental, we need to buy new ceiling fans for all three upstairs bedrooms. It's already nice and warm outside and without that air flow, I'm literally sweating while unpacking. It's not pretty. I'm always hoping the new neighbors won't pick that moment when I'm wiping perspiration off my face to come by and introduce themselves.

But hey, at least the neighbors in this new place actually do come by and introduce themselves!


  1. It looks so cute, love the colors & decorations. I bet she loves it too. I know crazy how how it already is today is supposed to be 72!

  2. I love that color of purple you chose! So pretty! And love the tissue flowers :)

  3. Thanks ladies! Aspen picked this color all by herself and she will happily tell you ALL ABOUT HER PURPLE WALL any day of the week.

    1. What is the purple called?? Looking to do this to a room and can't find many sites with the color and brand listed. Love this room!

  4. The purple is called "PLUM" and it's Behr brand. Hope you find just the ride color you're looking for!


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