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Monday, July 29, 2013

My Little Pony's Party!

Aspen turned three on Saturday and we had a Rainbow Dash party to celebrate (naturally, since she is obsessed with My Little Pony). My sister, Sophia, slept over the night before to help with party prep/Aspen care and it made such a big difference. Kev and I were both able to get the house cleaned up and run last-minute errands while Aspen was in heaven with her Auntie. We also went to see "The Great Gatsby" at the dollar theater while Sophia put Aspen to bed for us! It was refreshing to have a break from party prep and see an awesome movie before getting up early on Saturday and putting the finishing touches on everything.

I bought this balloon and didn't even think about the dimensions when I ordered it online. We were all pretty psyched at how HUGE it is. I was able to get all the balloons filled at Smith's the day of the party so everything was perky... I just should have gone earlier because it took the poor guy a LONG time to fill 13 balloons for me and I was technically late for our own party. Ha!

Since Aspen's party was rainbow-themed last year, I didn't have to do much to change any d├ęcor for this year. And blue is her current favorite color so I was happy to rediscover the blue pompoms Nikki and Mandi made for Aspen's baby shower three years ago! She's had the pink ones up in her room, but the blues had been packed away and hiding since we moved twice in the last year.

I wanted to do little things that tied the party in with My Little Pony, but I'm really lazy so I didn't try very hard. One of the ponies has a pet bunny named Angel so I used him as food inspiration. Plus, angel food cake is naturally lactose-free which means I could enjoy it as Aspen's birthday cake. WIN-WIN.


Rainbow Dash is from Cloudsdale so we dipped marshmallows in chocolate and called it good. They were super-sweet since the melting chocolate Aspen picked out was vanilla-flavored. Yikes!

As party favors, I gave the kids My Little Pony tattoos, MLP pens, and jelly bellys as a treat. I set up a little tattoo station so those who wanted to have their tattoos applied then and there could have them done. It was a big hit, especially with Aspen since earlier that morning she had shouted, "I think it's my destiny to have a Rainbow Dash cutie mark!" She wanted hers on her upper thigh just like her idol. And she refused to shower the rest of the weekend because she was terrified it would wash off.

Remember Peter? Kev put him in the backyard for me and it was great to have it available for the kids to ride. My mom wanted to rent a pony for us for an hour and I told her not to because we don't want the neighbors to think we're crazy people who rent ponies for a three year old's birthday party. Plus, Aspen may be willing to pet a pony through a fence, but riding one is probably a whole different story!

Our dear friends Matt and Alissa drove all the way down from Ogden to celebrate with us. I'm so grateful they took basically their whole day to visit and see the house. It's been a while since Alissa lent us Matt for a weekend of work so they haven't seen a lot of the updates in person. And of course, Kev's name-twin came with his family too and spoiled Aspen. SueAnn took all the wonderful party pics for me, too. Be glad I narrowed down the 80+ photos to just those seen here!

I drew a big Rainbow Dash for "Pin the Wings on the Pegasus" and all the kids got to color their own wings. Aspen had me color hers the night before because when I tried to explain the game to her she cried that she can only color in stripes. Apparently that wouldn't match the Rainbow Dash I colored and it distressed her quite a bit. My poor little OCD child.

I loved seeing all the kids with their Pony tattoos (even the boys). I'm glad I put aside a handful for Aspen so when she does eventually shower again and wash hers off she can have more.

I failed to realize that the Pony candles I bought weren't designed to stick into a piece of cake. So with all the cake already cut up before we sang happy birthday, I had to precariously balance the most sturdy of the candles on Aspen's slice. She about died because it wasn't the Rainbow Dash one. HA! But what's a birthday party without a few tears shed? And at least the angel food cake, topped with berries and cream, was delicious.

Kev and I both had such a wonderful time celebrating our daughter. She has truly developed into such a creative, loving, happy kid. It was so rewarding to see her among her friends, new and old, having the time of her life as a pony. Many thanks to all who celebrated with us, whether on her birthday or at another time during the month. We appreciate all your support as we raise this crazy little kid of ours. I feel so overwhelmed by the kindness of our new community and how willingly they've accepted us here.

I especially need to thank Sophia for pushing kids on the swing for about an hour during the party. Aaaaand thanks to Seth for letting Maddie pee all over stay at your house during all the prep and festivities so she wouldn't be overwhelmed by all the kids. You guys are life-savers.

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  1. I want that balloon! i think i love mlp more than anna! But prob not more than aspen. Cute idea with the pony wings! Those marshmallows look yummy. And I love the rainbow decor. Doesn't it feel good to have a BACKYARD to celebrate in? And I loved the bottom of your post. It takes a village!

  2. If only I could've decorated a pony cake for Aspen ;)

  3. This looks amazing. I always think of aspen around pioneer day and I remember her first birthday so well. Love her and love you! Oh and I looooove The Great Gatsby.

  4. She still has and plays with the big pink ball you and Aaron gave her on her first bday!!

    I want to see Gatsby AGAIN. I'm reading the book for the millionth time now that I saw the movie. It was so awesome.

  5. That was such a fun party. We had a great time seeing you guys and your cute new house. Hopefully we can see you all again soon. Aspen is so cute and I can't believe how much she has grown. It is crazy to think it has been 3 years since she was born.

  6. What an awesome party!! You're like mom of the year. So adorable :)


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