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Monday, December 09, 2013

Our weekend was super exciting, folks.

Kev put the finishing touches on the garage while Aspen and I ran errands on Saturday. We took Maddie for her monthly nail trim, we visited the library, and we bought some groceries. Upon returning home, Kev opened the garage door and I PULLED MY CAR INSIDE.

We have owned two homes and rented one in the last five years. All three places have had a garage. Not once did I get to park my car in the aforementioned garages. It was torture! I would scrape my car off every winter morning while glaring at the garage full of our combined collection of junk. Kev has a lot of supplies that he uses on home-improvement projects, plus a box labeled "knives and nun chunks" (I KNOW, RIGHT?) that I laugh at every time I see it, and I have boxes of old journals and now Aspen's baby things and WHO THE HECK KNOWS WHAT ELSE BUT IT TAKES UP ALL THE SPACE?!

Needless to say, I now have completely different feelings about winter. When I see two feet of new snow on the ground, I can honestly say, "Oh that looks so pretty!" and then I get in my car in the comfort of my garage and drive through that powder like it ain't no thang. Aspen can no longer meander from the house to the car when we leave in the mornings and I immediately shave ten minutes off our morning commute since I don't have to wrangle her out of snow banks.

It's a glorious thing, people. I feel so fancy when I show up somewhere and my car is among those that are not covered in snow. It's like I'm part of a secret club!

A teeny tiny part of me feels guilty that Kev still has to park his work truck in the driveway though. But I got up early enough to make bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning so Kev had something warm to stick to his ribs before he left in 4 degree weather. That almost makes us even, right? Plus, now Kev doesn't have to get me anything for Christmas. It's a win-win.

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  1. Knives and nun chucks, hahaha! That sounds like him. I'm so happy for you and your new parking situation. And I'm only a tiny but jealous... but mostly happy. haha!

    1. Isn't he funny? I should mention I also have a box of mixed tapes from Jr. High, none of which have any relevance to my life today, much like Kev's nun chucks.

  2. A garage empty enough to pull one's car in - is a wonderful luxury! ENJOY!


  3. haha, I can so relate. Only we are the reverse of you. I am no longer able to park in our garage because we have moved some furniture out to the garage (you know, instead of taking it to DI *shaking head*). I hate getting into my freezing, cold car each morning to drive the kids to school. I am very happy for you. It really does make a wonderful difference


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