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Monday, January 12, 2015

Family Overnight

On Saturday, I drove to Park City with the kids to meet Kev after work. All employees were given the opportunity to spend a night in one of the suites, so we snuck off for a family overnight in one of my favorite cities.

I was shocked at how fancy the resort is. And when I told Aspen it was fun to be in such a fancy place, she sighed and said, "It's not fancy, Mom. It's cool." So... I'm already a super unhip parent who's not down with the lingo. That happened quickly.

Thankfully Kev got us a two-bedroom, and the master bathroom was big enough for Linc's pack 'n play with room to spare. We set him up in there and although he had a rough start to the night, he ended up sleeping 1030-7. I heard him wake a couple of times, but he just fussed for a few minutes before putting himself back to sleep.

Cue jaw dropping in amazement.

Aspen enjoyed having a huge bed all to herself, but she did try pretty hard to convince me to sleep in the other bed in her room. Sorry, no thanks, kid. I had my eye on the HUGE king-sized bed in the master. Night-swimming wore her out enough that she fell asleep while we cuddled and then I escaped from her room.

The outdoor pool is heated to 88*, so we had no problem having a girls' night out there! Linc slept in the room with Kev while Aspen and I darted back and forth between the pool and hot tub. There were a few other kids there so she had a lot of fun playing with them and showing off. One of the boys even let her borrow his life jacket. She was so thrilled.

Right outside our windows we could see the gondolas cruising up the mountain. Aspen asked nonstop when we could ride them, but we had to wait until Sunday morning. And, of course, Linc took an amazing nap so poor Aspen had to wait forever. She and I had fun exploring the building, though, and she ran around the lobbies with my phone taking tons of random photos.

The views were so wonderful, even if it was foggy in PC. Aspen loved jumping onto the gondola and riding up to the ski lifts. She shyly said she'd like to learn how to ski someday! Kev has a season pass thanks to his job, so hopefully next year he can take her to the slopes. I loved skiing as a kid and have a lot of great memories of spending my winters on Sugarloaf.

Before we headed back down, we chatted with the gondola operator at the top and he told us he's from New Hampshire. I always love meeting someone from the East. He said he had two choices for winter work, and when choosing between Sugarloaf and Utah, he decided he needed a little break from all his friends. It's amazing how small the world is.

She's such a good sister for not letting Linc fall head-first off this bench. I had to act fast because he s such a curious little dude and he was not interested in sitting still while I tried to get a picture!

I'm really thankful for Kev's new job. He likes what he does, he keeps much better hours, and he feels like a valued employee. It was such a treat to be able to see where he works, and to be the first people to stay in our suite!

We were gone less than 24 hours, but it was still a great little getaway. The drive itself is one of my favorites. Kev went back up today to finally use his ski pass, and he said it was gorgeous with all the new snow. I can't wait to visit again, even if it's just for the free gondola ride.

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  1. Hi Liv, What a darling family! I remember those days fondly, mine are getting big! Your photos are beautiful! What a pretty place! Susan

  2. Sounds like the perfect getaway!

  3. That is so exciting about the new job! Yay! I am so happy to hear he keeps better hours. That will be great for all of you. It looks like a fantastic get-a-way. How lovely.


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