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Monday, February 02, 2015

Wedding Weekend

The week of Sophia's wedding was very busy and my house was bursting with cousin fun and nonstop play. It was so wonderful to have my younger brother and his family staying with us because the kids got to run around like crazies. I wish I had been better prepared to take photos while they visited with us, but it was tough just keeping up with the day-to-day, let alone document it! And I've been terrible at keeping up with photos I have taken, anyway. There's just not enough time in the day to get everything done.

It's safe to say Uncle Kindle, I mean JESHUA, was a big hit with Aspen. If we wanted any peace and quiet, all we had to do was plug Aspen into the Kindle and *poof*. I miss her cousin Leilani because she has a soft little voice that is the opposite of Aspen's. Unfortunately that didn't rub off on Aspen and she's still LOUD. I recently joked to Kev that maybe we should send Aspen to a school for the deaf. Then she won't overwhelm her peers and teachers with her VOLUME.

Gail and Marc took the girls out for lunch, cupcakes and shopping at Barnes & Noble while they were here and it was so fun to hear about their adventure. They had a good time and got all sugared up before going to Sophia's reception and getting more sugared up that night.

I don't care how old this nephew gets, I will always preface his name with "baby." Baby V and Linc had a few quiet moments together that were so fun to catch. He and Linc played with this for a while but then he slowly scooted it away from Linc and turned his back on him. I laughed so hard.

Baby V is not impressed. He is just a tiny version of my brother and it's amazing to see.

Maddie liked that my brother's kids always had food. She made two very good friends the week they were here.

The girls played so well together, especially considering how much time they had to spend together. They dressed up and ran around and jumped on my bed and colored and used play-doh and ran around outside. It was so fun to see them together. Aspen still holds onto hope that they'll come back again soon. It's so sad that they live so far!

It was so nice having family visiting because when I felt like having a meltdown from holding Linc for all his naps, I could pass him off to someone else and move on with pulling myself together. Julia was always more than happy to take this squishy baby for me.

Sophia's reception was so beautiful, and unfortunately I only had time to snap a few photos on my phone. But for now, it works. I'm looking forward to seeing the professional photos; I'm just so sad I was so overwhelmed with the kids that I didn't even get to have a picture taken with Sophia that night in her wedding dress (her reception was the night before she was married).

She had so many friends who pulled together the evening and I'm so glad she had so much help. I had grand plans of making myself useful the week of the reception but then I didn't sleep, ever. So I couldn't do much and I feel badly.

Thankfully Aspen came around to the idea of Sophia getting married, and she managed to have fun at all the wedding events. At first, I think she was ticked that someone else was going to "take" her Sophia away. But then she realized she'd actually be gaining another Uncle and not losing her Auntie.

Again, I sucked with the photos on her wedding day. Also, did you know that if you need to nurse your baby in the temple, they'll direct you to the BATHROOM?! I was just a little, teensy weensy bit stressed out of my mind about having no where to nurse Linc before the ceremony and ended up not nursing him and then spent most of the morning trying to ignore the extremely painful swelling. I hoped I'd never have to sit on a toilet to feed him but I guess that was better than doing it in my car.

So... yeah. Thank goodness she had a photographer because I was once again useless.

It was definitely a whirlwind of a week and I'm so glad our whole family was together for so much time. I still can't believe my baby sister is married!

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