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Monday, March 30, 2015

Tic tic boom

For over two weeks now, Aspen has had a cough. Not just any cough, but a single, staccato, tic-like cough.

After a few days, it turned into something productive so I figured she was just getting a cold. But then the yucky stuff went away after like, a day and the tic cough came back.

I know I should feel badly for her because she has to cough like this, but I really feel badly for me. She has no other symptoms and doesn't even seem to notice that she's pushing out a sharp cough every few seconds. I, on the other hand, am acutely aware it's happening and it's to the point it feels like a screw driver is being driven into my ear with a hammer.

I tried a honey medicine and then a stronger cough medicine, as well as a steady stream of cough drops and water. I took dairy out of her diet for a while to see if it causing the cough to be worse, but it didn't make a difference. She has a humidifier in her room and she drinks water all day long.

Finally, I took her to see her doctor. When he heard the cough, he thought it sounded forced, and we talked about it possibly being a tic. He noticed a slight irritation on her throat, so he suggested she take an antihistamine to see if it alleviated her desire to cough. He said it could take the edge off a bit, and I joked that perhaps I should swallow a bottle of Benedryl to help me take the edge off. After a few days on it, I didn't notice any difference. So I stopped giving it to her because I didn't want to unnecessarily pump her full of meds.

I'm sure part of the problem is that I'm sleep-deprived and easily irritated, but OHMYGOSH. Listening to that little barky cough all day every day is pretty much more than I can handle. We've talked about other ways she can clear her throat, and her doctor told her if she doesn't try to stop coughing, the tickles will never go away. She doesn't seem too concerned.

Of course, if she was really sick I'd do everything I can to make her feel better. But after meeting with her doctor and confirming it's not illness, I feel just a wee bit justified being so freakin annoyed.

But like all difficult things in parenthood, I'm hopeful it'll pass soon.

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