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Monday, May 25, 2015

Heaven Sent SIL

I'm really grateful Kev's sister is in town with us. She has taken Lincoln in the wee hours of the morning and allowed me to go back to bed each day she's been here. Sunday we had a BBQ with Kev's brother and his family so we could celebrate Kev's health and spend time together for the first time since the hospital stay. It was so great to be together under better circumstances!

The cousins all had so much fun together, and it's so great to see them playing and loving on each other. I can't believe how big Linc is in comparison to his SIX YEAR OLD COUSIN. He dwarfed her when she held him .

Tiff has also been a huge help with Aspen, taking her on walks, playing with her in her room while I nap Linc (BUT NOT TOUCHING ANYTHING PLEASE AND THANK YOU) and just basically being my back up.

Kev went back to work today, and I feel spoiled beyond belief to have so much help right now. I mean, I felt like I could conquer anything while I was dealing with Kev in the hospital. I had to be a super-hero and get through all the stress and fear and uncertainty. But when the adrenaline wore off and I basically had three kids at home depending on me for survival, I ran out of steam. Three babies is too many babies for me.

I am just so relieved for the outcome we received this month, and I'm trying to be better about handling the frustration I feel because Kev can't pick up Lincoln for five more weeks. In the days before Tiff arrived, I was so pissed I couldn't hand off that baby boy to anyone else EVER. And while Linc may not immediately appreciate the loving arms of his Auntie, if I leave his line of sight he calms down and accepts her ;). I'm so lucky to have a sister-in-law like her, who was willing to make the sacrifice to fly across the country at the last minute and rearrange her life to give us a week of help. Additionally, I'm lucky my parents were planning to do the same.

Kev is doing so much better and it's so good to have him back. I can't wait until his wounds fully heal and I can see him carrying around his babies again.

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