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Monday, June 22, 2015

Plus One

Kevin had to work swing over the weekend, so I didn't plan anything for our ninth anniversary. Also, with it being Father's Day, I just made sure I had a gift for him, and Aspen did too. Then we were set for both causes.

When he got home in the wee sma' hours of what was technically our anniversary, he surprised me with three big bouquets of wildflowers. He had picked them, in the dark, after work in Park City. And while I was sleeping, he trimmed them and arranged them and cleaned up the kitchen counter so I wouldn't see clutter... I would instead just see these beautiful bouquets.

I've always loved getting flowers. And over the years I've allowed myself to splurge on them. Whether they're cut flowers, or planted blooms in my yard, I'm smitten. Hopefully I can continue to nourish our vegetation at home so I can supply my vases with home-grown filler.

Thanks, Kev, for traipsing around the wilderness for me. You know me well.

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  1. Oh my, I love the bouquet on the right. I could have a painting of it hanging on my wall. He did good!


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