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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Silver Lake in Summer

Since it's been so hot, I wanted to take the family up to the mountains for fresh and cooler air. According to Aspen, this was the WORST part of her day.You know what is the worst part of MY day? ASPEN HATING EVERYTHING.

Kev had Monday off so we drove up Big Cottonwood to Silver Lake. We hadn't been again since last fall, and that feels like a lifetime ago. Kev and I joked that it was back when we had a different, sleepy little infant. And now we have the giant baby who ate that baby.

Linc was way into it, obviously.

Despite Aspen's constant complaining, I'm glad we went. The trail is so easy to walk with kids and a stroller and there's lots of shade and places to explore.

We had a nice picnic and then stopped for a snack halfway around the lake.Since it was a weekday it wasn't too crowded, but we did get to see people canoeing and fishing. Aspen said she'd like to fish someday, which is surprising.

I told Kev we need to do more nature outings so Aspen will learn to like them more, but he said her complaining is reason enough to avoid it. Not sure who's going to win this battle... us or her. She'll be so grateful someday that we dragged her along on stuff like this (isn't that what parents say?).

I don't care if I have to go by myself in the fall; I'm going to enjoy the colors changing no matter what!

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