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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Disney on Ice

I was so happy to win tickets to Disney on Ice from Corina, and I planned to surprise Aspen the day of. I had talked to my SIL about taking her two girls with us (I won four tickets) so I planned a sleepover with them after the show and thought Aspen would really be thrilled.

Well, turns out she was pretty pissed. I had mentioned we needed to have extra-good behavior that Friday because I had a special surprise planned with her cousins. She was so psyched about that, but right before they arrived so I could take them to SLC, I told Aspen we were going to Disney on Ice and she started crying. She actually threw a tantrum because it wasn't what she wanted to do with her cousins. I told her it was fine, and that she could stay home while I took her cousins BY MYSELF. That changed her attitude and she was fine by the time the girls arrived.

I've never been to Disney on Ice before, and it was a lot of fun! I think the girls enjoyed it, too. My SIL was so thoughtful and gave me money for treats for the girls and they chose churros (Aspen FREAKED when I took a bite of hers... yikes) and popcorn.

We got to see the skaters dance as Tiana and friends, Snow White, Cinderella, and Rapunzel.

The dwarfs were so cute!!

^ Dancers at Prince Charming's ball.

By far, the Rapunzel performance was my favorite. The choreography and set design was amazing. They used silks to represent Rapunzel's hair and it was phenomenal.

And the horse!! I about died. I felt badly for the poor skater tucked in the backside, but they did such a great job because that horse looked so legit. Below you can see how the silks were draped to show Rapunzel's hair. And the hanging element was a pair of silks that she and Flynn used to perform some aerial routines.


It was great to have a girls' night with these little friends of mine. I'm glad we didn't ruin the night by getting murdered at the most ghetto McD's (bathroom break on the drive home) I've ever seen. When I mentioned it to Kev, he looked at me like I was crazy and said that one NEVER goes into that McDonald's. Ever. Oops, my bad.

The girls went to bed around 10p, and I think it was between 4-5a when I heard Aspen get up for a bathroom break. Then she turned her light on and proceeded to READ OUT LOUD while her cousins tried in vain to sleep on the air mattress. Kev had to go in and remove her to have a talk about letting guests sleep in the middle of the night. She was adamant that they wanted to hear her read stories. I about died.

It was a fun weekend and even though Aspen was not happy about it initially, I think she enjoyed the surprise. Still, I'm glad I didn't fork over lots of $$ for tickets only to have her react so poorly! It was such a treat to win the tickets.

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