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Saturday, December 19, 2015

A night in Ogden

We had a VERY busy Thursday last week! I feel like a completely different person than last year, when I could barely leave the house or change out of pajamas. Now we're filling our days with activities, and even keeping the kids up until 10pm (WHO AM I?!).

We went up to Ogden for three very important activities: to meet some new baby twins, to see Christmas Village, and to attend my step-sister's reception.

Those twinners are just darling. There's a two-pound weight difference right now, and holding the baby girl is like holding a doll. She's just so teeny! Her brother is still petite, but it makes such a big difference that he's two pounds bigger. I'm so glad we were able to meet them and take some photos for Matt and Alissa. Cell phone photos are great and all, but sometimes you just need to use a real camera in crappy hospital light!

We actually had dinner in the hospital cafeteria because it's really good (so much better than the disgusting food I had at St. Mark's) and then we headed to see the lights downtown. I really love Christmas Village and I am going to try my best to make it a yearly tradition. It's free and it's so big! There's so much to see! I've missed it.

Both kids really loved it. Linc kept yelling "MORE!" and Aspen was running to all the houses like a maniac. It was really freezing, but we managed to keep warm in all our layers. Linc was so cute, reaching up to hold mittened hands with me every time we walked away from a house.

Aspen really wanted to run through all the snow since she got new boots this winter. She and Kev traipsed around a bit while Linc and I made our way back to the car. Hopefully next year we'll be able to see all the lights, houses and the performances happening on the stage. I know Aspen desperately wanted to check that out.

We headed north for Andrea's reception and made it just in time! The lights were down and the music was playing so the kids could dance dance dance.

It was good to see my step-siblings and my step-dad (who flew into town for the wedding) for a little while. And the kids obviously loved eating cake and dancing. Aspen has recently figured out how to hoist Lincoln up and swing him around and she made use of that skill on the dance floor. It was so cute to watch them dance.

The only downside was Kev feeling sad about no longer living in Ogden. I swear he was driving at least 10 mph slower than necessary so he could stare at all the stuff that's new/difference in Ogden since our last visit. He wants to move back so badly! Maybe someday... but for now we're staying put because I cannot stand the thought of packing up and moving a house and two kids.

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