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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Elf hunt at Gardner Village

For our Advent activity yesterday, we went to Gardner Village after school. The elves are up to all kinds of mischief and we hunted down most of them.

Aspen also got a lesson on GIVING. We went inside the toy store there and I asked her to pick out something she thought Linc would like to receive from her for Christmas. She picked a fun little wind-up toy and I think he really will love it.

But when we were leaving, she pouted and told me she wanted something, too. I reminded her that she got to make a wishlist this year for Christmas, and Linc didn't. I told her how important it is to remember to think of others at Christmastime, because that's really what the whole season is about.

Thankfully she was okay afterward and I hope she'll be able to face a little shopping trip to pick out something for Kev next week without her also wanting something for herself. It's a tough lesson to learn!

We had a nice visit with the ducks at the Village, too. Much better than one of my other visits with Aspen. Linc had the idea to look in my bag for crackers and the ducks LOVED that.
We fed them most of his Cheerios and I was surprised how close they got to the screaming kids. I love seeing Linc with birds since he's so obsessed with them.

I've tried to plan these outings on days Kev is off work, since it's nice to have the extra pair of eyes and hands with both kids. I love to let Linc run free as often as possible instead of confining him to the stroller, but I can only do that if I have someone else with me because DUH.

And it's great to see Kev enjoy these trips during the week with the kids. There are less crowds and traffic and he gets a taste of what it's like to be a stay-at-home-parent some days.

Aspen told me her favorite days to open in the calendar are the ones with a strip of paper in them because it means she gets to go do something extra fun, or receive a little gift. I asked her what she thinks about the days with candy or coins in them and she said the candy is okay, but she hates getting money. HA! It's too bad there are a handful of days left with coins in them. I hope she can somehow get over her disappointment.

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