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Friday, December 04, 2015

Getting cosy

If there's anything cuter than kids bundled in snow gear, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT. I probably couldn't handle it.

We had about 1/4" of snow that stuck for a morning and Aspen was beyond ecstatic. She could barely contain herself during breakfast and insisted on putting on all her snow clothes and dragging Linc outside to play with her.

They walked around for a while, and Aspen made the saddest little snow angels I've ever seen in the dusting of snow. Kev ended up going out with the kids to keep an eye on them and they all had fun.

I got Linc his snowsuit from Kid-to-Kid, but somehow had the oversight not to get him a regular winter coat or water-proof mittens or a hat. So he wears Aspen's old pink bunny hat to keep him extra snug on the cold days. I don't mind one bit, but I know it really bothers Kev when Linc wears anything "girly." He needs to get used to it because I'm lazy and don't love shopping for seasonal clothes Linc will grow out of in a month.

I do, however, love shopping the Target Dollar Spot and finding gems like these battery-operated lights. The hallway (which is criss-crossed right now with tape for Aspen's cars) has always been dark and drab, and it's gotten worse since the sun now sets at like, four.

So I strung these lights up and now we can turn them on in the late afternoon for some cheer. And while I was putting away the thumb tacks Linc got into while I was hanging these, he got into scissors and cut Aspen's thumb open. MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE! At least Maddie found a safe-haven amidst all the chaos that is Lincoln.

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