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Friday, March 11, 2016

Letters to Lincoln, month 21

Linky Lou-

I was recently thinking how amazing it is that the second year of your life is going by so much faster than the first. I suppose that's easy to understand since I've been sleeping for so much more of your second year. YAY!!

You usually sleep about 12 hours at night, with a sad little one-hour-ish nap during the afternoon. I think if I could nap you when you want to (around 11) you'd sleep longer, but I have to make you wait until we've taken Aspen to school in the afternoon. It's frustrating that pushing the time back can make such a big difference in the length of your nap, but it's what we have to do right now. I really am just so grateful you get the rest you need now, and in turn so do I (and your Dad) that I try not to complain too much whenever you sleep in your crib for any length of time. I'm making progress working some witchcraft and putting you in your crib when drowsy after nursing at night. You used to scream bloody murder at me when I did that, and now you often give in to sleep. IT'S A MIRACLE. For naps we've eliminated nursing and that's probably another reason why we're so hit-and-miss.

At the end of February you were bouncing on your inflatable donkey when you went right over the donkey's head and collided with the ottoman. It gave you a huge welt and bruise across your brow bone and it makes me want to get rid of that piece of furniture. The dent on your forehead (from months ago) is a result of you rolling off the couch right into the corner of the ottoman. I think it's magnetic, or something, because your noggin is drawn right to it.

You're at the age you absolutely adore your older sister. You copy her every move and all her words (which is A LOT). You love to play with her toys and you let her get you dressed. Whenever I suspect you have a poopy diaper and I ask you about it, you say, "PENNY CHECK!" and only want her to have a look. When it comes time to actually wrestle you into a new diaper, you often only concede to the act if performed in Aspen's room instead of on your changing table. Many nights, you only let Aspen brush your teeth. Which, fine, whatever, you're going to lose all those baby teeth anyway. I love seeing the two of you get along and interact with one another. Even though you fight a lot, I try to focus on the hugs you share, and all the times she willingly fills one of her teacups with candy and gives it to you. You two are very lucky to have one another and I'm so grateful to see your relationship with one another every day.

Lately I've seen you falling more in love with your Dad, too. I think all the nights he spent sleeping on your floor made you realize he's one of the good guys, and not just a Mom-stealer. Yes, you still yell "MINE!" if he hugs me, but you are more interested in your Dad every day. It's so great to hear you scream your guts out when you see Dad's car drive up after work, or when you hear his keys in the front door. He told me that one Sunday afternoon, while he was snoozing on your floor after putting you down for a nap, you woke up but remained calm and quiet. He said he reached his hand up into your crib and you guys just held hands for a long time before getting up. Isn't that just the cutest? I'll be sure to tell that story to all the dates you bring home someday.

Before the cold weather hit last winter, we would spend most of Aspen's school time in the backyard. I'd wheel the bike through the gate and pull you out of the trailer and let you play play play. You raced up and down our back patio with the dog and balls and toys. I helped you down the slide a million times. We watched birds and airplanes in the sky. I knew you were an outside kid. It's been hard keeping you in this winter (so cold! so much dog poop out back!) but we've tried to take advantage of all the warm days we've had in this early-spring. Whenever we come back in sooner than you'd like, you stand at the sliding glass door yelling and begging for "MORE OUTSIIIIDE!" I look forward to real spring so we can soak up all that vitamin D and warmth again. We did do a trip to the farm in February and both of you kids really loved that. It was a beautiful day and thankfully Aspen didn't accidentally push you into a poopy puddle until we were walking to the car.

Your favorite game in the whole world is "ball clouds." This involves me either throwing a ball onto the roof, or hitting it up there with a bat. Then we watch the ball bounce and roll back to us and you exclaim with delight that the ball hit the clouds.

Your favorite saying in the whole world is "hold you Mama." Thankfully you are willing to substitute Dada and Uncle in there sometimes so I can let others hold you. It's pretty darn cute. I also have a hard time getting over the fact that you call feet "tickles." Probably because I almost always used to refer to them as your "tickle toes." Now they're just "tickles."

You just keep on growin' little Linc. We're so happy to have your hugs and kisses and belly laughs.


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