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Monday, August 01, 2016

Adulting is hard

I made a mistake when it came to refilling my anti-depressants in July. I didn't realize I needed to renew my prescription, so I waited too long to call my general practitioner and get the refill before I ran out. I previously had the meds issued by my OB, but since I have no plans for another baby ever in my entire lifetime please and thankyou, I thought it made more sense to have the Rx filled with my GP.

At this point, I've been off the meds since July 5. I was supposed to have a temp refill to tide me over but after a co-pay and a ridiculously long wait at the doctor's office with both kids last Friday afternoon, I discovered the doctor had called the Rx in to the wrong pharmacy. And three weeks later no one thought to call about that Rx sitting on the shelf, not being claimed.

I'm upset because this is partially my fault. I've been so depressed as I've accidentally weaned off my meds and I haven't been my own advocate. It's hard to get out of bed. It's hard to look at my to-do list with any motivation. Even if items on that list would help me feel better (that's something so cruel about depression- sometimes you're so depressed you can't even do the things you know will help you be less depressed). So I never made the call to ask why my Rx wasn't showing up in my online insurance portal (Kev's insurance requires we have home delivery, otherwise the Rx costs an arm and a leg).

I'm also pissed because the doctor I saw on Friday indicated I didn't actually need to come in for a personal visit for him to fill the Rx. He showed me in the system how the Rx had been ordered by him the day after I called his office. So whoever I spoke with on the phone, who told me I had to come in (and couldn't GET in for three weeks), is a moron and I blame him a little for this, too. OKAY I BLAME HIM A LOT. Thanks to him, I spent over an hour and a half waiting in the doctor's office just to be told I didn't have to wait an hour and half in the doctor's office.

Needless to say, I've been a bit of a wreck as the meds have filtered out of my system. I wish I hadn't overlooked that the Rx was expired because it's going to be miserable getting back on my dose and getting back to "normal" again. I just want to stop crying about everything, feeling excessively tired and like I'm in a bottomless pit of despair.

On the bright side, now we all know I should definitely stay on my meds because they work! And, we all know it's time to find a new GP because this one and his office is annoying.

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  1. Ack, this just happened to me too! I had no idea my prescription refills were out (and that even if I had any left the prescription had expired anyway...) but it's been over a year since my GP saw me so they require I come in 😩 I've been off now for almost 2 weeks and I can feel the difference for sure. I feel more anxious, sad, low energy, etc. I should be able to get a 30 day fill next week and then I'll see my doctor in a few weeks and he can give me a longer supply because I clearly need it!
    I keep thinking "maybe I don't need it and I can learn to cope with things better on my own" but then I go off it (usually by accident) and I see how much it does help me. And I know if it helps so much now, I'll need all the help I can get once Eden gets here and the postpartum hits.
    You're right. Adulting is hard. And sometimes it just down right sucks!!

  2. That is so rough! My depression has turned into full blown anxiety since having kids and I keep telling myself I need to do something about it, yet never do. :P

    I had a GP named Dr. Price (I think her first name was Lynn), a few years ago that I really liked. Her office was over at St. Mark's.


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