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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Camping - writing prompt

I'm participating in an online writing group hosted by Ann Dee Ellis. She gives a prompt and encourages 8 minutes of uninterrupted writing. Here's the most recent exercise:

Kev and I did what seems like a lot of camping when we were first married. The summer of our one-year anniversary we went to both Bear Lake and Zion National Park. We also stayed at Taylor Grove, which is a lot like camping even though there's a small shack. And then we didn't camp again... ever?

I did love those trips, though. We brought Maddie with us to Bear Lake and she barfed on the beach. Being new dog owners, we were paranoid she'd eaten something terrible and we took turns holding her captive in our laps. While I sat in the water chatting with friends, Kev wrestled our curious pup into submission in a beach chair. While he boogey-boarded in the shallow waves, I clutched her and tried to avoid claw marks on my bare legs.

She slept well in the tent with us and otherwise stayed out of trouble. I'll never forget how pissed I was when we got home and realized we'd accidentally left her expensive leash at the campsite. The cheap ones we now buy from Harbor Freight remind me of that smooth, retractable leash and I get angry all over again.

When we camped at Zion we brought Maddie, too. While Kev and I hiked and rappelled the slot canyons with friends, she was in the care of  acquaintances who were working at the Ponderosa resort. I seem to recall she busted through the door of a trailer while someone was getting a massage... but that may be my faulty memory making something up.

For our first trip the Taylor Grove together, Maddie tagged along as well. She ate rat poison in the shack and I was convinced we were going to kill the dog we'd only had for a couple of weeks. It was terribly stressful but she just pooped green for a day or two and seemed none the worse for wear.

Those trips were so much fun, but now it's hard to believe I used to include Maddie in everything. She's so impulsive and stubborn these days, and I hate hauling her places and watching her like a hawk. She's so good with my kids and only nips at them if they get up in her face and refuse to back off after she warns them. But with other people's kids she herds them like sheep when they walk through our house, and she nips at their ankles and scares them.

Maybe the next time we visit Taylor Grove we'll drag her along, especially since dogs are allowed on the free beach. She deserves a little more excitement in her old age.

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