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Monday, October 03, 2016

Waking up - writing prompt

I'm participating in an online writing group hosted by Ann Dee Ellis. She gives a prompt and encourages 8 minutes of uninterrupted writing. Here's the most recent exercise:

I loathe waking up. Ever since having children and losing all control over what time I go to sleep and wake up, I hate mornings. I hate them with a passion that burns as bright as the sun that rises and mocks me.

Although the kids sleep pretty well now, I still feel PTSD in regard to how little I slept until Lincoln was about 18 months old. Getting up early, or having to wake him up to go somewhere, is physically painful to me. It goes against everything I worked for those months Linc wouldn't sleep unless being held. "Never wake a sleeping baby" is still very much my motto.

Unfortunately, in order to get Aspen to school on time, I do have to wake Linc almost every morning. When I do so, I tell Linc softly that it's time to take Aspen to school. He often responds with, "AGAIN?!" I feel you, man.

Aspen gets up around 7 or so, and Kevin usually makes sure she gets some breakfast and vitamins before he leaves for work. I stay in bed and pretend I can go back to sleep after the many, many visits Aspen makes to my bedside.

"Mom, I ate breakfast."

"Okay, please get dressed in clothes for warm weather."

"Mom, I got dressed."

"Okay, please brush your hair."

"Mom, I can't brush my hair IT'S SO TANGLED I'M GOING TO DIE."

"Okay, please put on shoes and I'll brush your hair in a few minutes."

"Mom, I put on shoes."

"Okayyyy I'll get up."

"Mom, I had a dream about..."


And then, even though we still have 20 minutes before we have to leave, we run around like crazy people screaming at each other because it takes the kids at least six hours to walk down the stairs to the car in the garage. And then another fourteen hours to get into the car and get buckled and fight about who will push the garage door buttons.

So we're rushing and yelling and I swear to myself I'm going to make the kids start down the stairs at 7:30 the next morning just so we can be in the car by 8:15 and I wistfully fantasize about the day Aspen can walk to school with her friends and I can avoid this mess until it's time to start all over with Lincoln.

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