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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Reflections Program 2016

Last week I received an email from Aspen's school about the Reflections program. It was to invite me to the assembly to watch Aspen receive an award. The PTA didn't specify if it was the advancement award or just one of merit, so we weren't sure what to expect. A second email came through asking if Aspen would be willing to read her artist's statement in front of the school during the assembly.

Hmmm, let's see. Would Aspen like to hold a microphone on a stage in front of room full of people who are forced to look at her? YES, YES SHE WOULD.

Coincidentally, Kevin had the day off and he was able to attend the assembly, too. As I stood on the sidelines and listened to the specifics of the Reflections program and how entries were ranked, I realized Aspen was the winner of her category. That's why she would be reading her statement. I was so excited for her!

Aspen received a certificate of participation, a trophy, a Coldstone gift card, some coupons for meals at restaurants, and her watercolor will advance to the district-wide Reflections competition.

It was so exciting and I almost cried. I'm so proud of how hard she works to develop her talents. She's very smart and artistic and I hope we can continue to nurture her interests and help her explore them and feel confident about her abilities.

Linc was pretty proud too. We told him Aspen won a trophy, and compared it to the Piston Cup to help him understand. He wanted one, too... so we took him home and let him ride Aspen's pink Barbie Power Wheels car around the neighborhood.

Aspen's entry is entitled "Splitter Splatter," and this is the statement she read:

"I am an artist so this watercolor shows me painting a beautiful picture. The rectangle next to me is a pile of all my artwork. I sing songs in my head while I create and it helps me name my art. It makes me happy."

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