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Friday, November 30, 2012

Have a very Merry Christmas

On Sunday night I stopped crying about my sister being gone and pulled out the Christmas decorations with Kev. Everything was a huge mess on the living room floor when Aspen came downstairs after her nap. When she saw it she yelled, "IT'S CHRISTMAS!" Good start to the Holiday.

Aspen helped me decorate our little, three-foot-tree on the kitchen floor. Then Kev helped me put it up on our "pantry" shelves. It's so depressing to live in this rental because there really is no place for anything. The tree is all lit up, situated above our canned goods and just barely clearing the ceiling. Thankfully, Aspen doesn't care. She is so happy to see the tree and decorations, regardless of where they are.

We took these three tinsel trees up to her room and Kev helped me string up some IKEA ornaments that I bought years ago. Aspen was SO EXCITED to put ornaments on her own special trees that will sit on her dresser for the next month (and probably more).

Monday morning, Aspen and I once again busted out the art supplies and we made a Christmas-countdown-paper chain. She's having a hard time understanding that Christmas is a long time from now, so I'm hoping this chain will help her. Every day we'll remove a link and look at the calendar to see how many days are left.

Another exciting element to this holiday season is my participation in an small ensemble that will sing "The First Noel" in Sacrament meeting for Christmas. I haven't sung in public for a long time, so I'm really nervous. I've always wanted to sing this song, and when I rehearse at home Aspen gets excited to dance "ballet." Wish me luck!

Have you put up your decorations yet?


  1. That is awesome you are singing in Sacrament meeting. You have such a beautiful voice. Good luck!

    Also, you are amazing at decorating and ideas.

  2. Love these decorations! So fun and cute!

  3. Fun! I lack the motivation to put up Christmas. We have a ton of decor, but my boys and grabby hands are limiting the amount that goes up this year. I just found the energy to remove Thanksgiving decor, deep clean and make room for Christmas. Our tree is up and decorated and that would be just fine with me if that was the extent of our Christmas decor this year. :) I am no grinch, but my boys are already destroying the tree with curiousity. LOL

  4. It certainly helps that our tree is four feet off the ground. And Aspen has never been much of a climber/explorer and doesn't touch much. She hasn't even pulled the stockings down yet and they're simply push-pinned to the wall by the sofa.

    I think letting her help put things up made a difference, too. She was involved and there are quite a few things I let her play with every now and then, like a music box and a little metal tree on the "dining room" table.

  5. Cute pictures! and even cuter kiddos :)


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