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Thursday, November 29, 2012

There should be an age limit on partying

2:37 AM. I'd been sleeping, but dreaming about having an argument with imaginary neighbors. When I woke up, I realized my dreams might possibly come true.

The music coming through our shared wall was so loud that items on the shelf in our bedroom were vibrating. No amount of ear-plugging could block out the bass. I checked the baby monitor to make sure Aspen was sleeping through it. Rubbing sleep out of my eyes, I went to the bathroom for my robe. I found my slippers, took a deep breath and channeled the good ol' days of busting up parties as a Resident Assistant in the dorms.

Marching across the lawn, I felt outraged. And when I heard Eminem blasting through the night, I couldn't help feeling even more upset. Couldn't he at least listen to something more current than the 8 Mile soundtrack?

My first knock on the door elicited exclamations to "GO THE {EXPLETIVE} AWAY!" and no other response. The second knock caused their 5 pound dog to bark. After the third, my neighbor finally answered the door with a beer in his hand.

"Hi. I'm from next door."

"Oh... I'll turn it down."

"Yes, turn it down A LOT, please."

He left the door open and disappeared into his house. I wanted to avoid an unpleasant encounter with drunken party-goers who may not be so kind, so I made my way back across our shared front lawn and back inside.

Over the next hour, the party slowly broke up. The music was turned down marginally and people started spilling out onto the lawn to yell, smoke and slam their car doors. Headlights shone into our bedroom and I buried my head under my pillow to try blocking it out.

Eventually, silence.

And all too soon, the alarm went off. Aspen woke up. The day started. And I told myself it wouldn't be appropriate to head over to my neighbor's and allow him to enjoy the early wake-up call that inevitably follows a late night.

Next time, I'm calling the cops.


  1. Oh, you are much nicer than I. I for sure would call the cops next time. Maybe a ticket or two would aid them in learning some manners. I know people want to party, but let's keep it within reason. And if everyone is drinking, 'how are they all driving home?'

  2. Ugh! That's so frustrating! I feel your pain because the restaurant we live by often has live bands come and play that are SO loud. It sucks! Especially when it's a school night.

  3. 2:30 is ridiculous. Its like like you were breaking the party up at 10 or something...but c'mon partying neighbor thats way too late to even expect your neighbors to be cool with it.

  4. Also, this is the first time in five months I've gone over and asked them to turn down the party. There have been plenty of other times they're blasting music and making noise on the lawn when we just deal with it. NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY!


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