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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's your lucky day - Aspen's room

Oh hey. Remember how I never shared the rest of Aspen's room? It's still one of my favorite places in the house because it feels so done. I hung more art last weekend and Kev finished installing her ceiling fan, so it's a really comfortable, inviting space now. Except... the sheets she picked out HURT MY EYES. I tried to talk her out of the zebra-stripes, but she refused. Oh well. And I dislike the curtains she chose, but they still blackout her room so that's the important part here.

Using her closet for the dresser gives us so much more room to play, even though it won't make much sense when she's taller and has dresses that don't fit lengthwise anymore. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I finally hung her art because I realized I didn't have to wait around and make Kev to do it. He was outside when I put up the first batch of frames, and he could hear me hammering away in Aspen's room by myself. I know it was making him crazy to think I was putting holes in the walls and using the wrong nails.

But it's all good! Nobody lost any fingers and nothing fell off the walls. I'm basically awesome at hanging pictures now. Which is fortuitous because I have about eleventy billion more to hang throughout the house.

In addition to installing Aspen's fan last Saturday, Kev also converted the old nursing chair into a rocking chair. It's actually what we originally intended for the chair, but then simply surviving a newborn took priority over everything else. And so... three years later the chair now has a rocking base and it's awesome!

I truly love Aspen's room and I'll be a little sad when she decides she wants more jurisdiction over how it's decorated. If I let her now, she'd have me paint everything blue to match Rainbow Dash.


  1. So cozy! I love the purple!! I wish I could have you come do my room too! ;)

  2. Love it! So cute! I think its hilarious what kids pick out, but luckily sheets and curtains can be changed out pretty easily. So at least you're not stuck with them forever. :)

  3. I absolutely love it!! Zebra print and all! (although I admit, I'm kind of a sucker for some animal print)


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