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Thursday, December 19, 2013

My favorite older brother

It had been a long day. I worked in the morning and then had the two extra kids over for the afternoon. The doorbell kept ringing; deliveries, missionaries-who-can't-come-in-because-Kev-wasn't-home-but-they'd-like-to-stand-at-the-door-and-talk-a-while, neighbor kids bringing treats and then the kids' dad came to whisk them away.

By 7 I was itching to get Aspen into bedtime mode. I had made dinner that night (which is a first because Kev is never home to eat so I don't feel like wasting my time) but Kev got a work call that kept him out late again (poor guy). I was exhausted and just wanted to hit the sack myself.

As Aspen brushed her teeth, the doorbell rang again. I had literally just put my PJs on (i.e. taken my bra off) so I was not looking forward to answering the door. Regardless, I locked the dog in the bathroom with Aspen and went to see who it was.

I was so relieved to see my older brother standing there. I waved him into the house and told him to join us for the bedtime routine. Aspen made him watch her do whatever awesome thing she was involved in at the moment, and read eleventy billion books to her. I just got to sit back and enjoy it.

After Aspen was tucked into bed, Seth and I sat in the living room for a couple of hours and just chatted. It was so nice to have someone to wind down with at the end of the day. I love that Seth is close enough that we can drop by each other's homes and visit on a whim.

Aspen is so lucky to have an Uncle Seth in her life! I know I've benefitted immensely from having a brother like him. And Kev, too. Those guys are buddies like I never could have imagined when I first introduced Kev to my family. Seth was the first of my family he met, and it means a lot to me to have his approval. That being said, I better get cracking on Seth's Christmas gift this year if I want it to top last year's awesomeness.

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