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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Family photos 2013

I got the itch for family photos again this fall. Last year Amanda told me about JCPenney's waived sitting fee and we got some nice (albeit generic) photos taken there last November.

This year I wanted something more suited to my tastes, so I started asking around for photographers in the SLC area. I got a lot of great suggestions, but when I was narrowing down the options in my budget, I had to go with Mary.

And it was only by chance that I booked with her; she posted on her blog that she was trying to take more photos lately and that she was available for shoots again. I had initially thought of Mary when I started my hunt, but I wasn't sure if she was still doing photography for clients these days. I've always loved how she captures light in her photos so I was thrilled she was available after Thanksgiving.

Sophia was in town when we had our shoot, and I was so glad to have her with us in some of the photos (as was Aspen, if you can't tell).

Wheeler Farm was one of the places Mary suggested, and since Sophia actually took Aspen there during Thanksgiving break, I thought it'd be perfect. It's a place we're all familiar with and it makes sense to take photos there.

It was pretty chilly, but I think we hid it well! Mostly, I'm relieved that Aspen let me pick her outfit (which is no longer something I can do on a regular basis) so we could try to coordinate just a tad. I'm also grateful that Mary was open to suggestions from me about spots to snap our photos. I kind of get all sorts of ideas in my head and I'm always so grateful when someone can help me execute them.

Aspen and her Best-Friend-Forever. I'm thinking of getting them charm bracelets or something. Lately Aspen has been saying, "My Aunt gives me the loooongest hugs. It's because she loves me SO MUCH." Okay, Aspen, I get it. She's your favorite and I'm just here to feed/bathe/clothe/entertain you only in her heart-breaking absence.

I'm so happy we had time with Mary, and that Kev was so willing to do photos again even though he really doesn't like it. I know he'll be grateful for these when Aspen is all grown up and we miss her little chipmunk cheeks and crazy smiles. Heck, even now, looking back at photos from a year ago, I'm amazed at how much she's changed.

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