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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snippity Snip

Aspen's hair grows at an alarming rate. She had a couple of at-home haircuts thanks to Kev in her infancy, and then in Spring of this year I had a couple of inches chopped at Cookie Cutters. Regardless of all the grooming, her locks were seriously about down to her waist as of this month.

Which is pretty gorgeous and all, but I was getting sick of being beat up by my three-year-old every time I tried to de-tangle her hair. For reals. Also, every time I tried to zip her coat or buckle her car seat she'd scream about how I was ripping her hair out of her skull and she was bleeding to death (only a slight exaggeration).

So I made an appointment and was determined to stick to my guns and ask for 3-4 inches to be lopped off her head (when I took her that first time, I said the same to the stylist who promptly ignored me and said, "Moms usually just want a trim so I'll just clean up these ends a bit" at which point I was still so embarrassed about Aspen hitting her that I didn't contest).

We went through the whole song and dance of preparing Aspen for what would happen at the salon and thankfully the experience was uneventful.

Wait, I take that back. It did actually change my life.

The stylist wet Aspen's hair, sprayed a de-tangler and then proceeded to use a magic brush to get all the knots out without so much as causing Aspen to squeak. Usually I get whacked with Aspen's arm when I even think about combing her hair, so it was truly a miracle.

When we checked out I asked for the name of the brush and the stylist directed me to their over-priced wall of products. Right then and there I bought a $15 brush that I know someone recommended to me a year ago but I was too doubtful to purchase then.


If you have little girls, get this freakin brush. It is so worth it. And you can bypass the mark ups by shopping via Amazon. It works on wet or dry hair, and I wish I had bought it last year. Think of all the heartache I could have avoided these many moons! I feel like such an idiot for not buying it until now.

I should probably buy a back-up because if this one goes missing I'll never be able to go back to using a regular comb and Aspen will instead have to settle for dreadlocks.

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