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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Easter Weekend

Kev had to work Easter Sunday, so we gave Aspen a basket and did a small egg hunt on Saturday. She loved going around the house to search for eggs.

On Sunday I took the kids out for some pictures in their coordinating outfits. I was a little sad I didn't have an excuse to buy them some Sunday clothes, but since I don't go to church with the kids by myself and Easter Sunday was General Conference anyway, there was no reason to get Easter outfits (church is during Linc's only nap when I have a chance of putting him down). But I was able to find stuff in their closets to match them up real good Sunday afternoon. Aspen had piled on the accessories beforehand, but I managed to talk her into only leaving on the headband, which she placed just so.

This is my FAVORITE photo. It's seriously the gem from our little photo shoot. Linc was so upset about the grass on his bare feet. It was awesome. He refused to let his fat little legs touch the grass, and he kept his feet elevated as much as possible. The wind was blowing the long grass and the blossoms and leaves onto them and he was simply disgusted. I laughed so hard when I went through the photos afterward.

Seth, Sophia and Jose came over mid-afternoon and we tried to watch some Conference. Aspen has been a bit of a nightmare lately and she will say no to everything. No to playing with toys in the living room while we watch Conference. No to playing in her room while we watch Conference. No to watching Conference with us. No to reading books coloring art projects snacks games puzzles EVERYTHING. I just wanted to lock her in her room by the time the last hour of Conference rolled around.

Sophia had planned a surprise birthday celebration for me and it was so much fun. I never get surprises on my birthday! She made a lactose-free cake and brought it over, plus my new rainbow birthday crown.

I asked Kev if he wanted to give me the present I had purchased for myself, so I got to open my new TOMS (which I purchased via Zulily a few weeks ago). Later that night he asked what else he could get me, and I told him we should spend his day off finally hanging the box of art that's been sitting behind the couch for almost two years. So, hopefully we'll get that taken care of this week!

Sophia gave me this sign, which is PERFECT. I am seriously going to put it on my door when Linc is napping. It has been so frustrating lately that visitors keep stopping by unannounced and ringing the bell/knocking during times I'm trying to sleep Linc. It's not the knock or bell that wakes Linc, it's Maddie. She goes ballistic when someone comes over and then Aspen starts yelling at Maddie to be quiet and that's what wakes Linc. I already disconnected my doorbell and couple of weeks ago, but that doesn't stop people from knocking, of course. So I'm very happy to put this little wooden sign to use.

She also asked some of my friends and other family members to share some nice thoughts about me for my birthday. It was great to hear encouraging words from loved ones.

It was so fun to end the night with family, and to enjoy the beautiful day together. We had a delicious roast with veggies, took a walk around the neighborhood, played in the backyard, and I even managed to stay up late enough to watch a movie with everyone! Of course, I regretted that when I was up with Linc for two hours in the middle of the night but oh well.

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