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Monday, April 06, 2015

My little sister's wedding

Back in January, my sister got married! Although it was a little chilly, it was a beautiful day for photos to capture the memories of the day.

Like I mentioned before, she had so many friends who basically put her wedding together for her. I'm so grateful for the wonderful people in her life!

The little girls wanted to be very INVOLVED in the whole thing. You couldn't keep them out of a picture for anything.

Sophia and Jose with our siblings and parents.
Friends and family.
Immediate family from both sides.

When Shutterfly was running one of their free book promotions, I was able to put together an album of some of the best wedding photos and have it mailed to Sophia and Jose. That was one of those things she was stressing about; getting things printed and preserved so they could enjoy them. And she agonizes over the details and it probably would've taken her weeks just to pick which photos would go where. I was like, BAM. DONE. It made me feel better about basically being useless during the reception and wedding.

The wedding colors were coral and gold, and Aspen happened to match pretty well with one of Sophia's friends. Aspen also loved that she and her cousin Leilani happened to have matching camel-colored jackets. Because really, the day was all about her ;).

Now Sophia is getting ready to graduate from BYU and we all have our fingers crossed she'll apply for the teaching job in our neighborhood. HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?! She should take our feelings into consideration and at least apply for one of the three in our district.

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