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Friday, May 01, 2015

It's a Zoo Day, a Zooooooo Day

A couple of weeks ago we actually went out and did something together as an entire family. As we drove to the zoo, I commented that we hadn't had an outing (except visiting a neighborhood park) together since January when we visited the resort where Kev works. It was starting to get really depressing.

So, spur of the moment, I decided we'd finally use our zoo pass again and go after Linc's afternoon nap. It was so awesome. The zoo was almost empty, and since it had been years since Kev's last visit he got to see all the new stuff.

I'm really glad Aspen decided she's not too scared of gorillas to go in their viewing building. The baby orangutan is SO CUTE. I wish the lighting was better so I could have taken some better photos of her interacting with the older orangutan. They just kept giving kisses back and forth.

Linc hasn't been to the zoo since he was mini, so Aspen enjoyed being able to show him all her favorite things. Last time Linc came, Aspen got to ride the carousel all by herself while I nursed him in the shade.

This trip Aspen got some one-on-one time with Kev while I fed Linc his baby dinner. They ventured to the Asian cats exhibits and watched the snow leopards put on a show. Apparently they were chasing each other around and being very playful.

Aspen had a tiger on her checklist (seriously, she made a checklist of the animals she wanted to see) but it was hiding and they couldn't find it. At least the other cats made up for it.

I'm not sure when our pass expires, but I'm glad I finally used it again. I feared it would just keep collecting dust in my wallet... but now that I've used it twice since Linc was born, it's kind of paid for itself... right? Needless to say, I can't justify renewing it after I became a hermit-who-doesn't-sleep.

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