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Friday, June 12, 2015

It is your birthday.

First thing Thursday morning, Linc received his presents. We got him this ball track and a little car with a soft top (so he can chuck it across the room). Both he and Aspen really enjoyed his gifts. It's nice getting things for a 1-year-old because they don't care. No stress!

The ball tower came with three rattle balls and he clutched two of them on the drive to This Is The Place Heritage Park. My work was eligible for the free admission day, so I took a deep breath and braved the outing by myself with both kids.

The weather was beautiful, with lots of cloud cover to keep us from absolutely dying from heat. I slathered the kids up with sunscreen and stuffed them in the double stroller and survived three hours at the park with them.

Unfortunately, a few minutes into our train ride around the village, Aspen opened her sandwich container and the bottom tumbled off the train and she screamed bloody murder. She was so pissed about it the entire ride. It was not an awesome way to start our visit.

But I knew when we got off the train, I'd be an amazing mom and we'd walk down the road and find that stupid container and then she'd be fine.

What I didn't realize is that we'd be walking to the middle of nowhere and we'd have to wait for the train to pick us up again because I was NOT going to push both kids in the stroller up a giant hill (again). But Aspen was so thrilled to retrieve her container that she didn't mind waiting. And I managed to get the stroller and both kids onto the train for the ride back to civilization. I swear, these little things make me feel like a super hero.

There were free pony rides, but when we finally got to the stable and I saw the line, I had to apologize to Aspen for changing my mind. I'd much rather pay a few dollars for her to ride the pony at Gardner Village where the line isn't over 30 minutes long. Also, I saw a sign for donuts so... we did that instead.

In a hand-made onesie Aspen created for Linc's birthday.

I don't think I've ever been to This Is The Place before, and I'd definitely go back again if I could get Kev to come with us. It'd be fun to explore more and go in the cabins and see the exhibits. It's a beautiful piece of history and there was so much we didn't get to see before leaving.

It was a great visit, though, and we headed back to the car just as the huge storm clouds rolled in. Such perfect timing, again, I'm so amazing. But really, I so rarely leave the house for big adventures with both kids (Linc's poor sleep habits have scarred me for LIFE) that I'm extremely proud I did something fun for his birthday. Especially since he won't remember it. Good thing I went the extra mile and even hauled my camera around with me. I CAN'T HANDLE HOW AWESOME I AM.

Next up, I have to get brave enough to take both kids to the pool by myself so Aspen will stop asking me every day if we can go.

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