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Monday, June 15, 2015

MotherBoy 2015

Since we joke endlessly that Linc is a little MotherBoy, I decided to be really sarcastic and host an Arrested Development-inspired first birthday party for him. Many of the guests are familiar with the show, so hopefully it didn't go over everyone's heads...

I designed his onesie after the MotherBoy logo from the show (and Aspen made one, too!!) and made sure the clothes I wore to the party coordinated. Kev said he'd vote for us to win. Yes, we are insane.

I entertained the thought of making seal-shaped cookies for the party, but that sounded like too much work. Boo. Then one day while scrolling IG and nursing Linc, I saw GnomeSweetGnome's feed pop up. I love the drink stirrers and candle holders Olivia makes, so I went over to her Etsy and saw that she has a seal!! I told her I was so excited to order one for Linc's birthday, but she graciously just sent me one for free. IG friends are awesome like that. I've actually been a blog-reader of hers for years, and we both have boys named Linc... so we're destined to be online buds :).

Kev pulled this bow off one of Aspen's hair clips, and he colored it yellow in homage to the loose seal on Arrested Development. It was the perfect, simple, addition to the party decor.

I had lots of juice boxes too, because unlimited juice equals an off-the-hook party! My mom was also able to send me my Grandma Fluf's cake stand in time for me to use at the party, and I'm so happy to have it. I've wanted to purchase one, but have always held off. It's so much better to have one from my Grandma, anyway.

All the guests were so kind as to contribute to the food and, obviously, the fun. I think Linc (and Aspen) had a great time.

As usual, Peter had to make an appearance to keep kids entertained at the shindig. I love that horse, and it's perfect for all the big-kids.

It was so fun and such a nice day for a BBQ. I just hope Linc doesn't look back and think we don't love him because we were kind of poking fun... 

At least our coordinating outfits aren't too embarrassing. But really, what's the point of having kids if you can't find something to laugh about after a year of extreme sleep-deprivation?

Just like Aspen when she was 1, Linc almost touched the candle on his cupcake. Aspen was trying unsuccessfully to help him blow it out but some grown ups had to swoop in and extinguish the flames just in time. That's my Linc, always living on the edge

Present time was absolute chaos with all the big kids "helping" little Linc. He received a lot of bouncy balls, and his Uncle Seth may or may not have purchased him some squeaky dog-toy tennis balls. He loves them, so we don't care!

We really do love this little MotherBoy, and someday I'll forgive him for nearly killing me in his first year of life. 

Many thanks to all our loved ones, both in attendance and not, who sent well-wishes and love to the birthday boy this month. I appreciate the words of encouragement and support, the babysitting that has been offered to both my kids, and all the listening ears who have let me vent about how exhausting this little love of mine has been. And thank you for all the delicious foods and gifts that were brought to Linc's little party. It was a great night celebrating our resilience! I promise his next party will be a little less centered on ME and a little more centered on Linc.

Aspen's first birthday can be found HERE (she's so small in that booster seat compared to him!!). And just for fun, another photo of Aspen from her party. She was so itty bitty!.

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