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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A final zoo visit

My zoo pass expires at the end of this month (thanks, Amanda, for including me in this adventure for two years!) so I took the whole family one last time before we say adios to it. It sucks we paid for Kev's admission, but at least it's only his. I can't believe how expensive it is, though! I'm so glad we've split a pass with a friend so we could make the most of it. I did really enjoy taking Aspen before Linc was born, and I'm surprised I managed to go as many times as I did after.

Linc recently became very aware of animals other than birds, so I anticipated he'd really love the zoo. Kev said as he pointed out the zebras and giraffes (the first animals we saw) Linc started vibrating with excitement. He did his fat-baby-belly-laugh and just stared with wide eyes while watching the animals. I'm so glad he enjoyed it!

We spent a couple of hours at the zoo, seeing all the things I've seen a million times before, but it was so exciting to see Linc's reaction this time.

Also, the dinosaurs are up and running, which is new to me. Aspen was terrified of them, but she's terrified of a lot of things so...

For the first time ever, we saw the lions up close! These two were sleeping up against the enclosure and kept lifting their paws to cool off their bodies. It was awesome.

In all my visits with Aspen, I don't think we've ever stopped at the ape chart. I'm glad I finally took a minute to snap a photo of her measuring up to them.

I came prepared with extra clothes for the kids so we could play in the splash pad. Linc just liked standing and kicking, while Aspen waited to get soaking wet when we needed to leave. I really love this addition to the zoo since it's kind of situated in the middle of walk around and gives a great break from the heat.

I thought Linc would be more excited about the peacock, but he was just kinda "meh" at this point. The heat was tiring him out and since the bird didn't fly or chirp he may not have recognized it for what it was. I never tire of seeing them, though. When walking Aspen back from a bathroom break, we saw two of them just walking together and being all pretty. I love it.

Linc freaked out when a seapup came straight at him and Kev right here. He didn't like that one bit! But I liked the AC so we stayed inside for a few minutes before making the trek up the hill outside. I'm a little bummed we didn't go through the big cats exhibits, but come on... we all know it's too hot for them and you rarely see them anyway.

With Aspen going to school in the fall (and I still don't know if I'm going to do morning, afternoon, or all-day Kindergarten) I hesitate to purchase any passes for me and Linc to use. What with her drop-off/pick-up schedule and my work schedule, we may not get out for big adventures often. Hopefully we'll find a good rhythm; I'm sure anything will be better than the hell I endured last fall when Aspen started preK.

BUT ANYWAY. After the zoo we stopped and Kev bought dipped cones for himself and Aspen, which she was surprisingly skilled at eating while we drove home. It wasn't until we were nearly in our driveway that her cone gave up and started melting all over her. She loved every bite of it! That's what summer is all about- sticky, sunscreeny, ice creamy skin and outings with family.

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