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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Backyard Camping

With Kev's schedule, he has a stretch of seven days on, followed by four days off. Then he gets a couple days off here and there, followed by another seven days on. It can be really exhausting, but those four straight days off make up for it (usually).

After the zoo, Kev and Aspen had her first successful backyard sleepover! He put up the family tent and the tent Aspen received from her Uncle Seth a few years ago.

Kev agreed that if she got scared she could sleep in his tent with him. But by the time we made s'mores (on the grill, ha!) and got everything ready, she probably just passed out and didn't move the whole night.

Linc woke around 545 the next morning (in the house with me, duh) and while we had breakfast I watched in amusement as Maddie practically knocked over the tents trying to get in. She first approached Aspen's, letting her tail go wild as she dug around trying to nose her way in. When she gave up and approached Kev's, she jumped on the sides before finding a small opening in the flap and nosing her way in.

They slept through it all, though, and didn't come into the house until about 8, after I'd already put Linc down for a super-early nap. I was back in bed, too, gleefully taking advantage of having Kev home to get breakfast for Aspen and keep her entertained for a while. It was awesome! I'm so glad they had a fun camp out and that the weather was perfect for it.

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