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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lincoln Walking

The night of Aspen's UPSTART graduation, we focused on helping Lincoln walk. Kev had spent some time earlier that day moving Linc between the couch and himself, so I knew he was ready.

He still isn't walking by himself all the time, but I keep encouraging him to fly solo a few times every day. We only hit setbacks when he walks to Aspen, and she dodges out of the way to let him fall on his face. Poor little guy. It's like Charlie Brown and the football.

I'm not really too concerned with him walking and becoming more troublesome, because I don't see much difference between him crawling everywhere and him walking everywhere. He's already fallen off the couch a million times. He's already learned to crawl into the fireplace. He's already tried to get out the doggie door. He already reaches up and tries to open doors. He's already moving furniture so he can get into places he shouldn't. Walking just means he'll be quieter, I guess.

And look at how happy he is! He's so proud to be walking. Kev took a lot of video, but I'll spare you.

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