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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pioneer Day Preview

Maren invited us to the Pioneer Day float preview at the Expo, and we were able to make it work with Linc's nap schedule!! GLORY HALLELUJAH I left the house TWICE in one day. Woo!!
Linc's face!!

I had never been to the event before, and it was pretty fun to see the floats without having to set up a spot on a parade route and bake in the sun all morning. I hope I can remember to do it each year so the kids can participate in the holiday without me having to do much work (WINNING).

Aspen really loved the castle float and climbing the rope course. She and her friends also got to battle the dragon.

While on display at the Expo, many floats have additional displays for the kids to play on, or a scavenger hunt with a treat, or just had bubbles for the kids to chase. In the parade, they wouldn't get a chance to do those things (can you tell I'm reeeeeally trying to justify not attending the actual parade?!).

The kids even got to go INSIDE one of the floats. The operator about had a conniption when they didn't come right back out after a moment. I thought Maren or I would have to go inside to retrieve them when they finally emerged.

Aspen would have liked it more if I'd stood in line for an hour so she could get a balloon animal. Siiiigh. But it was dinner time and I was too hungry. Maybe next year we'll come more prepared and one adult can stand in line forever while everyone else walks around.

Until next year, Pioneers!

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  1. Cool! It's so rare to see actual floats in parades anymore and way cool to be able to see them up close.


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