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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Backyard paradise

One of the nights my parents were here we spent some time in the backyard. It's so nice and shady in the evenings, and perfect this time of year. The dragonflies come out in full force, and they're some of the biggest I've ever seen. The birds congregate in the pines and Linc is in heaven pointing them out to us.

Aspen is obsessed with the microphone Kev got her for her birthday, and she uses it to announce almost everything she does. Playing hopscotch in the backyard is no exception.

While my parents were here, Kev had four days off in a row and we sucked it all up gleefully. The night we were in the yard together, we talked about our plans for the aquarium. When I told Aspen her Dad wouldn't be at work, she ran over to him and asked if he was going to go with us to see the fish. He teased her, and said maybe. Then she yelled at him that family is more important than working in the basement.

He asked who told her that, and she pointed to herself. Apparently she's picking up on my desire to spend as much time together as possible when Dad's not working!

Kev finally stopped teasing and told Aspen he was going with all of us to the aquarium. She was thrilled.

While in the yard, Aspen drew portraits of everyone in the family, including out dog and her Uncle Seth's dog. I love her drawings.

It's so sad my parents' week with us is already over! But I'm so glad we crammed so much fun into the few days they were here.

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