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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It is your birthday.

While my parents were in town, we had a birthday party for Seth (and Aspen and Sophia). But mostly, it was allll about Seth. Aspen "let" him choose the cake and she made him a sweet card and gave him a baggy full of her piggy bank money.

We did a two-layer chocolate cake with a coconut frosting (it was more like a glaze, but whatevs). I let it set up in the fridge since the glaze was oozing all over the place. It worked out pretty well. I still can't decide if I liked it enough to use it again, but it was a big hit with everyone else so I'm relieved.

Aspen was so excited to put the cookie crumbs and dump truck on Seth's cake. And then she picked out Pony candle for him. I'm sure he appreciated the dichotomy.

I grilled steak and chicken for the masses and made corn on the cob, which Linc devoured. The first time he had some (last week, I think) he wasn't impressed. But that night, he kept reaching for my corn on my plate so I handed it over. Everyone was delighted to watch him munch on it by himself.

Afterward I was able to convince everyone to head outside for some photos. And we were really lucky to get ONE shot without Sam's behind right in the middle of the photo. AND everyone's looking at the camera! It's a miracle!

It was so nice to have so many family members together to celebrate Seth. We just love him so much!!

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