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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Living Planet Aquarium

Aspen picked a trip to the new aquarium as a birthday present from her grandparents, and the whole family got to tag along. Sophia and Jose even came up and met us there as a surprise.

Unfortunately, because Sophia carried Linc around a lot, Aspen was pretty ticked most of the time we were there. As evidenced below:

HAHAHAHAHA!! But, I mean, she really did enjoy the exhibits. I think she was just caught off guard when Sophia arrived, and then she was jealous whenever attention was given to Linc.

This was my first visit to the new location, and I have to say it's pretty neat. It was very crowded though, and hard to keep track of both kids as they ran in different directions. Even with six adults, I still felt uneasy about the kids not being in my sight at all times.

But we got to see nearly everything and I was surprised with the huge bird exhibit. It was heaven for Linc.

You can see a photo of Aspen at the old aquarium with a haircut similar to Linc's right HERE.

These two orange clown fish were fending off the black clown fish and keeping him from the anemone. It was fun to watch them scuttle.

The big birds just about blew Linc's mind. He was fascinated. He loved watching them. We were able to get pretty close to a lot of the birds, too.

Oh! Proof I was there! Feeding my kid and hovering so he didn't crack his head open on the cement floor.

We probably spent just a couple of hours at the aquarium, and I didn't even spend time in the shark tunnel (except to retrieve a few family members and tell them it was time to leave). We got there right at shark-feeding-time so the hallway was bottle-necked and we tried to steer clear of that crowd.

It was pretty amazing, but part of me missed the super-humid, super-cramped, old aquarium in the grocery store. This big place can be overwhelming when you're trying to keep track of everyone.

I'm glad Aspen picked something so adventurous, though. It's so nice sometimes to replace material objects with actual experiences. Especially when family comes from out of town. It'll be so fun to remember the summer of Aspen's 5th birthday as the one when she got to do so much with her grandparents.

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