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Friday, August 14, 2015

City Creek with Grandparents

My parents are in town and we're really being brave, pushing afternoon nap boundaries and leaving the house like carefree people!!

We went to City Creek on Trax and spent a few hours wandering around. When Linc first saw the fountain he wouldn't move an inch. He just stared and stood there. He took a few steps toward it and then plopped down, laughing with glee.

We helped him touch the big fountain, and then let him walk around the splash pad. Aspen didn't want to get her shoes wet, but Linc didn't know what was going to happen so he dodged all around the water and only got him bum wet.

He loved it, and poor Aspen got sprinkled only a little since I didn't have another pair of dry shoes for her. Hopefully next time they can both get as wet as they please.

We showed Linc the fish for the first time and Aspen followed the animal tracks.

When I take Aspen to City Creek, we usually only go into the Disney Store. She's just not a helpful shopper in any other kind of store.

She had so much fun dancing in front of the mirror and waving her wand like a crazy person.

I wondered if they might have an Iago stuffed animal that we could get for Linc since he's obsessed with birds. But after looking through the whole store, I initially didn't see anything. As I was mentioning it to Gail, I looked over her shoulder and saw a little Iago plush poking its beak out of basket.

I was so excited!! When we gave it to him he cropped his cracker and started say, "CAW CAW!" So of course Gail had to buy it for him, and since they're doing a sale right now, for $1 we got a second stuffed animal for Aspen. I was surprised she picked out a Minnie Mouse.

After the Disney Store we had some lunch and then let the kids run around the indoor playground. It was so nice to see both of them climbing and running and laughing and having fun. I love that Linc is old enough and adventurous enough to tackle the play place without me hovering.

The kids both did amazing at the mall and on the train ride, but I was tired by the end of our trip. I'm just such an old person. Okay, and maybe I was wishing I'd brought a whoopie pie with me.

I'm so excited for all the other adventures we have planned while Gail and Marc are in town. Especially since their visit is during one of Kev's four-day stretches off work. We about to get crazy doing kid-things for dayz.

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