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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Letters to Lincoln, month 14


You had a little cold in the last month, and since you're so irresistible I let you continue to open-mouth kiss/lick my face and I caught it from you. CURSE YOU ADORABLE BABY!! You also cut two new molars, and it was pretty miserable for you. I'm sorry, baby gums.

We've been more adventurous lately, filling our days with outings and many visits to Uncle Seth's house. We love to show off your new walking skills. It's like watching a tiny drunk person toddle around.

Your fondness for your Dada has increased tremendously. You reach for him and voluntarily go to him now like never before. You are finally developing a relationship with him and it's so great you don't always scream yourself hoarse when he puts you to bed. YAY!! I just wishwishwish you knew how to fall asleep on your own. No matter what I try, unless you're nursed or bounced to sleep, nothing works.

This month you've started saying "Baba," referring to babies, balls, books and blueberries. You also say "caca" because I'm always telling you something is caca when you put it in your mouth (LIKE DOG POOP THAT WAS A CLOSE ONE). You know Aspen's name, although you don't say it, and the same goes for Maddie. You can also say "bird" and sometimes "Dada."

We babysat your Uncle's dog, Samson, for a few days and you loved it. Sam is like the energizer bunny when it comes to playing fetch. You two are a match made in heaven because you happen to love throwing balls. Sam really enjoyed playing fetch with you, and you were simply delighted that he could go on forever. And although he's much bigger than our dog, you had no fear of him and didn't hesitate to boss him around.

Some of your favorite things to eat (that change regularly, siiiiiigh) include blueberries, cheese, crackers, bananas, Greek yogurt, chocolate chips, sweet meatballs, beans, corn, peaches and mandarin oranges. You also still eat a lot of purees, and you breast feed like a fiend. When Aspen was 14 months she weaned, so this is CAH-RAZY town for me. It'll be nice when you're done, but I guess I'm letting you decide when that will be (which is the approach I had with Aspen, too... she was just way less into it than you). Things you really have little interest in eating include breads (breads, tortillas, muffins, cake etc...) and meat like grilled chicken, hamburger or tuna.

You're now able to point to your tongue, ears, nose, belly and tickle toes when asked. You also love to clap and dance and spin and run and throw things. You're very curious and I find you in the fireplace, out the dog door, on top of the couch, in cupboards and pretty much everywhere you shouldn't be. You love to climb and swing and be held. You love to ride Aspen's trike and watch birds in the backyard. Dada usually takes you on the deck when he gets home and the two of you look for birds and airplanes in the sky.

You're also quite the drama queen. You can turn on the waterworks at the drop of a hat, and I'm learning not to fall for it. You have learned the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and I'm trying to discourage this habit of yours. Sometimes it's okay if I'm not holding you, OKAY?!

I'm not sure if it's just teething, or if you're seriously contemplating going down to one nap per day. It's been tough the last week as we try to figure out when and how much you need to sleep during the day. Hopefully we get those molars through and done with and you resume a little more comfortable nap schedule. As long as you keep sleeping through the night, though, I'm okay with a few nap hiccups. THANK YOU BABY.

We love you Linkers.


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